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Dr. Thomas Sterling, the founder of Green Mountain Veterans Maple Syrup Company, is a board certified emergency medicine physician and also serves as a Major with the Vermont Air National Guard. He operates as a Flight Surgeon for the 134th Fighter Squadron and a Critical Care Air Transport Team doctor for the 158th Fighter Wing.

Thomas holds the title of the Squadron Medical Element (SME) Flight Surgeon for the 134th Fighter Squadron, Flight Surgeon for the 158th Medical Group as well as a Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT) Physician for the Air Force.
Green Mountain Veterans Maple Syrup was born out of his sugar shack in Dorset, Vermont in heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Dr. Thomas Sterling produces a limited batch of maple syrup each spring. He utilizes a Dominion and Grimm raised flu 2x6 wood fired evaporator.  The maple sap is harvested from 150 Maple trees, known as a sugarbush, and fed directly to the evaporator through a series of collection tubes.   The sap is boiled to appropriate syrup consistency, filtered to remove sediment and then bottled right there in the sugar shack.  On average it takes 40 to 60 gallons of sap the make 1 gallon of pure Vermont maple syrup! There are no shortcuts taken.

Not only does Dr Sterling serve his community and his country, he is the father of 4 young daughters, all of whom have participated and love the process of producing this Vermont tradition.